Robert A. Buhrman

Principal Investigator
Senior Vice Provost for Research

Research Interests: Room Temperature and Low Temperature MRAM, Spin-Transfer switching and dynamics, Magnetic multilayer growth and characterization, Spin-Hall effects, Non-equilibrium spin generation via interfacial scattering, Josephson junctions.

e-mail: rab8@cornell.edu

Postdoctoral Associates

Sriharsha Aradhya

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Interests: Spin-Hall effect and voltage controlled magnetic anisotropy in three-terminal devices; material properties and manipulation of insulating magnets.

e-mail: sva24@cornell.edu

Personal Website

Graham Rowlands

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Interests: Low-energy cryogenic spin-Hall MRAM, role of surface morphology in perpendicular anistropy and reversal.

e-mail: ger66@cornell.edu

Personal Website

Graduate Students

Praveen Gowtham

Graduate Student

Research Interests: MgO MTJ microwave dynamics, Magnetoelastic effects in Giant Magnetostrictive Materials.

e-mail: pgg6@cornell.edu

Minh-Hai Nguyen

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Spin torques and magnetic damping in ferromagnetic and heavy metals.

e-mail: mn455@cornell.edu

Yongxi Ou

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Spintronics; magnetic dynamics and relevant phenomena in devices.

e-mail: yo84@cornell.edu

Chi-Feng Pai

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Three-terminal device fabrication, spin logic, MgO MTJ fabrication and measurement.

e-mail: cp389@cornell.edu

Junbo Park

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Spin torques in out-of-plane materials, Effects of coupled-layer dynamics.


Recent Alumni: Postdocs

Luis Henrique Vilela Leão

Takahiro Moriyama (Faculty, Kyoto University)

Recent Alumni: Graduate Students

Oukjae Lee (Postdoc, UC Berkeley)

Luqiao Liu (Research Scientist, IBM Watson)

Hsinwei Tseng (Research Scientist, HGST)

Yun Li

E7 Clark Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Ph: (607) 255-7500
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